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Part 2

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Continuing the quest for silence.


After a thundery night killed my computers power supply. I got a new one. Although this one was more dynamic and silent than the old one, it still had the same problem with high-pitched PSU noise.

On exploring this problem futher (HF PSU-noise). The noise alteres characteristics, and sometimes disapear completely.

On pressing the mouse buttons, or moving the mouse over icons that produce a pop-up box, the noise dissapear temporarily. Or for just the time it takes to set this box up. And then reapears, once this has been done.

On holding one of the mouse buttons down, pointing either on the windows desktop, or on a window top the sound dissapear completely. But reapears as soon as the button is released. Also each key type, mutes the sound. Futher more, the sound mutes on (as recorded before) hard-drive powerup. Sound is not present, before windows (98) is up and running.

Futhermore : Sound dissapears if I push the power-button once. (Soft-Power off). And reapear once the system is avtivated is some way.

The sound is probably not present, in pure MSDOS mode either; will check by booting to dos. TRUE.

It seems that the sound is present, whenever windows runs idle. Always present when windows is idle.

Disappears on scrolling, playing of wave files, typing, mouse clicks, window-resizing, hardisk-bootup, processing of some sort. etc.etc.

The characteristics of the sound is altenating, changing in frequency depending on what type of program is beeing processed.

On changing the settings for the screen card. A much higher pitch was present. Returning to normal once the changers where done.

** The problem seems to be reduced by disabling the two systems units (in controlpanel) :

Support for advanced power managment (APM), and Intel 82371AB-controler for power managment.

Deactivated these to items in the control  panel.
This reduced the problem quite substatially, but did not eliminate it. Same characteristics as before, but at a lower level, less apparant.

OO. On playing flash animations. Sound increased when someting was animated. ? Hmmm ... Also pushing the mouse buttons didn't have any effect on lowering the noise in this case.

To be continued ...

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