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On this page I will put information about different devices & units noise perforamce. I'ts based on the information that I've come by during the course of my expeditions :) Purley subjective, with a dash of objectivity. I might try to make somekind of rating system for fun. [ Link to explanation of rating system ]

VIA Ezra C-800 CPU neutral-rating-basis-icon.jpg (541 bytes)

NoVibes good-rating-icon.jpg (544 bytes)

SilentDrive neutral-rating-basis-icon.jpg (541 bytes)

Segate Baracuda IV wpeE.jpg (1059 bytes)


Other stuff that I've ran accross :

Pioner x12 drive :(wpeC.jpg (1060 bytes)

Pioner x12 other :Ineutral-rating-basis-icon.jpg (541 bytes)

HP-8100 x24 CR-RW :)good-rating-icon.jpg (544 bytes)

Funai x8 CDR :) Smooth operation.good-rating-icon.jpg (544 bytes)

GETO TECH NoiseKiller .wpeD.jpg (1054 bytes) [ Translate & reformat the existing info on this unit ]


Quick notes on the rating system :

The grades are relative to the moment they are given. They may not last, it's just like your fast processor of yesteryear. It doesn't rate too well this year, because the world have changed. Somethings sticks though, a bad drive yesteryear, is probably an even worse drive this year (hopefully :). Grades are based on subjective impressions of quality.

wpeE.jpg (1059 bytes) Fantastic. Incredible. Amazing. Excellent.

good-rating-icon.jpg (544 bytes) Good. Happy. Impressed.

neutral-rating-basis-icon.jpg (541 bytes) Neutral. Uncertain. Maybe. More good, than bad.

wpeD.jpg (1054 bytes) No good.

wpeC.jpg (1060 bytes) Horrible. Bad.

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