The Proton Album - Presentation

Album :


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Artist : Irrelevant
Cathegory : Technological Music
Label : Cocoon Culture Recordings
Production : Majority of material mixed & recorded 2000 - 2001
Tracks :
  1. Distorded Judgement
  2. Acid-XC
  3. MyT1
  4. Mycroo4
  5. Doodle3
  6. CityScape
  7. Last Call
  8. Neodream [irrelevant remix]
What seperates this album from the others are the use of computer tools in the creation phase. Much more technolgized than previous recordings.

Track 1 & 7 is taken from the same creative timeframe as the material on the BSF#1 - Falling album. Intuitive and improvised real-time creations, with little or no post production.

Track 2 through to 6 is programmed creations. 

Track 8 is a bonus track and totally irrelevant for this album. It's a downtempo remix of Last Mission Core's "Neodream" track. An inquiry into the mixing mastering domain that got out of control.

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