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About Cocoon Culture

Cocoon culture no.47 is an information capsule from S.M.Lie. Maintained on an event basis.

What this site contains

Reference to my writing, music and visual expressions. The Library  - features poetry and fairytales and various other stuff. The Gallery exhibits oil paintings and sketches as well as flash animations. There is also a small shop for online ordering of my creations.

Purpose of site

This site caters for my web presence in the "New World". It enables me to present my creations to the world and establishes some kind of communication channel with people elsewhere in space. In addition to this, my creations becomes available for online sale and distribution. Those who want to support my existence get an opportunity to do so. A global reference to my work will also be available anywhere, anytime, to anyone for as long as this civilization last (possibly beyond).

** A Note on the site language : English has primarily been chosen in order to reach a global audience.

Background for site name

I've chosen the name "Cocoon Culture" for this site. Inspired by this feeling that although the world is fusing into one, and the opportunities for communication are immense,  we're isolating ourselves from each other. Encapsulating ourselves in   cocoons spun out of threads of copper wires and fiber optics. Self-contained in isolation. Alone. In our private space. Apart from those in our presence. Connected to others remotely. Longing. Through the winter. Longing for the summer. Longing to spread our beautiful wings, and fly into the new world......

[Link to some coincidental information that I found searching Alta-vista, related to the phrase "cocoon culture". details ]

self.jpg (2434 bytes)Brief description of self

Born 1969, given the name Svein Magnar Lie and fed through the Norwegian Welfare System. Educated as a computer and electronics systems engineer. Searched for truth and was found. This has so far yielded fruits in the forms of poetry, music and visual expressions.

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Universal Constitution

Governing this capsule

1. Love

From the Constitution an infinitely complex system of laws and regulation may be derived; to an incomprehensive level of detail.  Examples of these are available upon request.

If further details are necessary, make sure that you fully comprehend 1. 


The following people have made this capsule possible : Family and friends providing financial aid and basic supplies such as accommodation and food during the construction phase. Thank you very much.


Thanks to Helge Corneliussen.

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