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This page contains information about the Cocoon sales items and ordering procedure. All prices are given in Norwegian Crowns (NOK). 

If you have any questions regarding your order :

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The Holeman-Press publications catalogue

ID Title Category Language Price Published Format
L-001 Ogglebokk Poems Native Norwegian 150,- 1997 PB
L-002 Select Love Poems World English 250,- 1995 PB
L-003 Den Onna Roså Fairytale Native Norwegian 80,- 1996 PB
L-004 Tidsenhet Futuristic Multi Lingual 250,- 1998 PB
L-005 System Cell Poems World English n.a. due 2000   n.a.
L-006 Book Fairytale World English 20,- 1989 BL
L-007 Glasgow Monastery Blend World English n.a. due 200x n.a.

These are the publications currently available from Holeman Press. Work is under progress, so that you in the near future will be able to order these in your local book shop.

The CC47 Gallery Catalogue

Option ID Description
O-A Cost 100 NOK per item, unsigned and numberless.
O-B Cost 500 NOK per item, signed and numerated. Limited series.
O-C Cost X NOK per item, Digital iterations, signed and numerated. Details to come.

It is possible to order prints of the items on display in the Gallery.

Required ordering information for print is Title, catalogue ID and which option you would like (a,b or c).

A CD-ROM with a limited clip-art license will also be available soon. Details are being worked on.

View Catalogues : Oil - Digital - Drawings


The CC47 Music Catalogue

Item ID Tittle Project/artist Duration Label Made Price Format
M-BSF-1-CD Babylonian System Failure - Part 1 - Falling Irrelevant 45 min HR 1997 250,- CD
M-BSF-1-MD Babylonian System Failure - Part 1 - Falling Irrelevant 45 min HR 1997 250,- MD
M-BSF-1-MC Babylonian System Failure - Part 1 - Falling Irrelevant 45 min HR 1997 350,- MC*
M-PRO-CD Proton Irrelevant 28 min CCR 2000 250 CD

Recordings available from the Cocoon.... hand made limited editions.

* Different mix from CD or MD.


Ordering information

How to order

You may place you order by electronic or by postal mail. The latter is preferred. Why not use the postal system while we still got it ?

The Postal ordering address is : Cocoon Culture, P.O.Box 145, N-4297 Skudeneshavn, Norway.

E-mail ordering address is :

At the moment I'm able to deal with orders on a personal level. But if you wish to order in a form(al) way, use this Order Form.

Shipping details and delivery time.

Orders are processed and sent from Norway as standard surface mail, unless otherwise specified.

Current shipping (surface mail) cost for international orders are 6 US$

For global express delivery (air mail)  add another 6 US$.

For orders exceeding 500 NOK (approx. 70 US$), postage and packaging are included.

Orders will be confirmed by email prior to delivery, and commence as soon as payment have been settled.

Method of payment

Payment may be done by swift-payment, international money order or cheque. Postal orders are also possible. Advance payment are preferred.


Account number : 3361.15.12886 

All prices in the shop are specified in Norwegian Kroner (NOK), for international orders convert to your local currency.
* Link to a currency conversion table

Remember to add post and packaging to your payment.


If your not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the goods and receive a refund. * Please note that I'm not able to reimburse expenses related to transportation or transaction cost.

By the way

For every tenth item sold, one is given away. If don't have any money - enter your order here : +

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Thank you for your interest and support. Have a nice life ...

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