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Link to the Proton album on mp3.comThe evolution of the Proton album :

Message [December 28, 1999] : Two more songs have been released, Last Call and Distorted Judgement. The latter being a digital noise remastering of the Judgement track, from BSF#1.

Message [October 23, 2000] : New song MyT1 released on Part of the evolving Proton album. This release hopeful marks the beginning of a creative phase. I'm now using computers in the creative process.

Message [March 18, 2001] : New track "cityscape" added to the proton album.

Message [March 20, 2001] : The Proton album is now complete and available on

Note : Final songs still not approved by by 1.April. Looks as if is dead.

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Link to the BSF-1 album on mp3.comBabylonian System Failure : Part 1 - Falling

This is the first album to be completed. Available under the alias "irrelevant" on the virtual label Holeman Records. Listen to it on []. It is also possible buy the mp3 release from this location.

HiFi versions exist, and is available on MC, CD or MD from the internal [ CC shop ].

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